Mobile X-ray: Wireless connectivity often problematic

With providers embracing features like mobility, wireless connectivity and image quality, demand for mobile X-ray devices continues to grow, according to a recently released KLAS report, "Mobile Digital X-ray 2012: Moving in the Right Direction."

The report ranked the performance of four mobile X-ray vendors: Shimadzu, GE, Canon and FujiFilm. According to an article in InformationWeek, Fuji Go had the highest ranking for wireless connectivity, with customers lauding the system's ease of use and reliability. Shimadzu, meanwhile, struggled with connectivity, with providers criticizing the system's slow pace in transmitting images to PACS.

"Technology and functionality are driving mobile X-ray success and meeting providers' expectations," KLAS Strategic Operations Director, Kirk Ising said in an announcement. "There are a few kinks to work out that currently are mostly annoyances. However, those annoyances may become deal breakers if vendors take too long addressing them because of their cost and budgetary impacts."

Still, Shimadzu customers, as well as Fuji customers, reported that their units had batteries that have performed to their expectations. Overall, the report's authors rated Shimadzu as the leading vendor in this space, calling it "the go-to option" for mobile X-ray.

For more:
- see the announcement
- read the article in InformationWeek

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