Four new guidance documents released by Xcertia look to create baseline expectations for apps regarding operability, privacy, security and content.

With many healthcare providers offering telehealth services to seniors, the challenge for these organizations is to promote it effectively.

An ethics agreement obtained by the Washington Post requires CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald to avoid government business involving health IT.

More work could be done on online portals to help patients understand what test results mean, according to a new study.

As the FDA looks to modernize its device approval process to accommodate new technology, the AHA is calling for more cybersecurity oversight.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Don Berwick, M.D., says the industry’s fee-for-service payment structure is “toxic.”

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is partnering with Walgreens for telemedicine services, starting with a kiosk on Wall Street.

After departing HHS in October, Deven McGraw has joined a Silicon Valley startup called Ciitizen.

Cybersecurity improvements are a key focus for health IT executives in the coming year, a new survey found.

The digital health industry waited six years for the FDA to release CDS guidance. Now that it's here, some say the agency didn't push far enough.