Telehealth, interoperability and access to real-time data were among the issues raised by providers and health IT groups as CMS explores CMMI changes.

Health IT advancements have changed the way hospitals respond to a disaster, but several issues remain, including consumer access to medical records.

After being caught up in allegations of fraud, Outcome Health has lost partnerships with several organizations, including the AMA.

The OIG plans to review Medicaid telehealth payments to gauge compliance with reimbursement requirements, citing a significant increase in claims.

UnitedHealthcare’s wellness program has expanded the range of wearable devices that participants are allowed to use.

A district judge denied Draeger's motion to dismiss claims from Rush University Medical Center over failures in its patient monitoring technology.

Two weeks after CHIME was scheduled to announce the winners of its National Patient ID Challenge, the organization has called it off.

Expanding telemedicine programs could lead to an "Amazon effect" where a few large systems begin to dominate virtual care.

Just 1% of service members were treated via telehealth in 2016, but new funding and legislative requirements will likely boost usage.