MIT, GE team to develop new 'disruptive' health technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with GE Global Research and Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), has launched the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC) to explore the interface between health IT and various types of medical devices.

Overall, MEDRC was established to develop the same kind of disruptive innovations in healthcare that have transformed the computer, consumer electronics and communications industries. "Specific areas that show promise are wearable or minimally invasive monitoring devices, medical imaging, laboratory instrumentation, and the data communication from these devices and instruments to healthcare providers and caregivers," according to the MEDRC website.

The Center will serve as a focal point for large corporations, startup firms funded by venture capital, and members of the medical community who are interested in this area. It will foster the creation of prototypes and intellectual property that, according to MEDRC, can help reduce healthcare costs around the world.

MEDRC's co-founders and leaders are three MIT professors: Charlie Sodini, LeBel Professor of Electrical Engineering (Microsystems Technology Laboratories); Brian W. Anthony, Director of the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Program (Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity), and Joel Voldman, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Research Laboratory of Electronics and Microsystems Technology Laboratories).

To learn more:
- read this MIT announcement
- visit the MEDRC website
- read the InformationWeek Healthcare article

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