Mid-Atlantic Telerad to Distribute CoActiv EXAM-PACS®, EXAM-VAULT® Archiving, Full Range of Products

Major Image Management Vendor Expands National Sales Channel Efforts

RIDGEFIELD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mid-Atlantic Telerad has been appointed distributor in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware for CoActiv Medical’s family of PACS, RIS and cloud-based digital archiving products. The experienced, highly regarded distributor will also focus on CoActiv sales to US government agencies across the country.

Mid-Atlantic Telerad was among the first distributors to focus on digital imaging and teleradiology technology and has been an acknowledged expert in the field since the company’s founding in 1993. Also noted for its system integration expertise, Mid-Atlantic has been a reseller and integration resource to a large number of hospitals, clinics and physician practices in its geographic area for almost 20 years. In addition, it has developed digital imaging systems for the government and military agencies at every level, including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and FEMA.

According to James Whittaker, President of Mid-Atlantic Telerad, “We were looking for a simple-to-use but comprehensive image management solution with advanced features. CoActiv’s PACS, RIS and cloud-based archiving fit the bill. We were extremely impressed with the EXAM-PACS solution’s simple user interface controlling a full range of advanced features. The PACS can archive not only DICOM data, but also all imaging-related information in a variety of formats into a single patient file. The system supports breast tomosynthesis, breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI), ultrasound streaming and other advanced functionalities.”

Whittaker also adds that CoActiv’s cloud-based archiving is housed in mirrored Tier IV data centers featuring the highest level of HIPAA compliance and security. Its reasonable pricing and excellent value proposition add to the appeal.

Frank Baker, CoActiv’s Vice President of Sales, comments, “Mid-Atlantic will be an extremely valuable new resource that will enable CoActiv to expand geographically and to enter the government contract market. Our new distributor’s leadership in the digital imaging arena and its commitment to offering the highest level of technology offerings and service makes this an excellent, mutually beneficial relationship.”

Noting that CoActiv has recently embarked on a major effort to open up new sales opportunities and to expand geographically through carefully selected distribution channels, Baker says that the company is committed to supporting resellers through aggressive advertising and sales support. “We believe that distributor and dealer relationships should be mutually beneficial, in which each party is committed to enabling the other’s success,” he says.

As part of its ongoing commitment to offering the latest technologies, CoActiv also recently debuted EXAM-BROWSER, a zero-footprint web-based image viewer compatible with a full range of mobile devices. It also recently announced compatibility with the Kindle Fire, enabling anywhere, anytime viewing of all 2D, MPR, and 3D exams on an important new pocket-sized tablet. Additionally, through a new sales alliance with PenRad, CoActiv EXAM-PACS provides an optional advanced, integrated image and information management solution for mammography exams.

“Mid-Atlantic is widely recognized for its expertise and excellent customer relationships, including its success with winning government contracts,” says Ed Heere, president and CEO of CoActiv. “Our shared commitment to technological innovation makes us ideal business associates. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with the company.”

Whittaker notes, “With their leading edge design, CoActiv product offerings are a terrific complement to our portfolio. We believe they will achieve enormous acceptance with our client base.”

About CoActiv

CoActiv Medical is a leading healthcare software and IT systems provider offering a full line of PACS, digital image and data storage services and related solutions for hospitals, imaging facilities and medical practices of all sizes. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS® family of web-based PACS solutions provide leading edge, affordable and scalable image management with sophisticated tools that cater to the needs of radiologists as well as a full range of other imaging specialists. Available as both enterprise server-based and cloud-based solutions, EXAM-PACS is designed for easy integration into imaging facilities of any size. Comprised of modular software components, EXAM-PACS enables any site to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and budgets or to add advanced functionality to an existing PACS solution. EXAM-PACS includes EXAM-FILER® CD-burning solution; vendor-neutral, cloud-based HIPAA-compliant, offsite/online EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING®; patent-pending EXAM-SENDER® referring physician system; EXAM-3D® advanced, multi-modular 3D color reconstruction and visualization; EXAM-NET teleradiology suite and EXAM-BROWSER, a revolutionary fully cloud-based, zero-footprint universal DICOM viewer that enables anywhere, anytime review of medical images on any PACS from any platform, including iPhone, iPad, and all Android and other tablets and smartphones. EXAM-PACS includes such premium features as support for breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and storage of non-DICOM data such as prescriptions, reports and surgical plans in patient files. Complementing this is CoActiv’s family of EXAM-RIS® solutions scaled for imaging facilities of every size site and budget. Contact CoActiv at (877) 262-2848; [email protected]; www.coactiv.com.

About Mid-Atlantic Telerad

Mid-Atlantic Telerad, headquartered in northern Virginia, is the leading provider of turnkey portable digital imaging products.

Mid-Atlantic Telerad was founded as a distributor of teleradiology and PACS products and services. As a full service medical imaging company, Mid-Atlantic specializes in development, sales, installation and support of portable x-ray hardware and software products. The company provides digital radiological solutions to healthcare centers, hospitals, physician’s offices, military field hospitals, and humanitarian efforts around the world.

Mid-Atlantic Telerad has been offering portable X-ray imaging solutions for many years, including contracts with the United States Marines, Navy, Army, and the Air Force. In addition to government efforts, James Whittaker, President of Mid-Atlantic, has been working with the hospital and healthcare industry since the 1980s providing premier-quality mobile digital x-ray equipment to the emergency medical services and humanitarian care-giving community worldwide. The company’s systems include CR and DR, X-Ray and digital dental units, as well as packaging and hardware required for transport and field use.

The team at Mid-Atlantic Telerad is comprised of experienced developers, sales representatives, trainers, installers, and repair technicians, all of whom are at your service to deliver the best possible products and services to meet your specific needs.


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