Microsoft renaming, upgrading healthcare offerings

Hoping to develop a stronger presence in the healthcare arena, Microsoft has renamed its enterprise healthcare technology products--and has set plans to integrate and upgrade them over the next year or two. Microsoft has branded its healthcare technology as "Amalga," a grouping which includes products once known as Azyxxi and Hospital 2000. Since acquiring Azyxxi in 2006, Microsoft has added technology on the architecture side of the software, including a new middle tier based on IIS 6.0. The new version of Amalga incorporating this new technology should become widely available in July. Meanwhile, Microsoft is pushing the former Hospital 2000, now the Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System, primarily in emerging global markets such as India and Brazil.

OK, so MS's healthcare technology has a new name. The question, now, is whether the software giant will provide more MS-specific functional and integration options which make its technology a no-brainer for Microsoft IT shops. It's not clear from this announcement whether it's gotten to that point.

To find out more about MS's rebranding and development plans:
- read this Information Week piece

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