MHSA Funding Continues to Fuel Innovative and Effective Mental Health Programs

Nearly 1,500 programs have helped to reduce hospitalization, homelessness, suicide, and incarcerations

MHSA Funding Continues to Fuel Innovative and Effective Mental Health Programs

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The National Alliance on Mental illness, California (NAMI California), in its continued effort to educate legislators, decision makers and mental health administrators, today released a comprehensive report detailing the thousands of programs throughout the state’s 58 counties funded by Proposition 63, now known as the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

The report, , is the second comprehensive document released describing the array of programs that serve hundreds of thousands of Californians. Since its implementation in 2005, the MHSA has generated more than $8 billion towards the funding of statewide county programs.

“Through MHSA-funded programs California is leading the way to reform its mental health care system,” said Jessica Cruz, Executive Director for NAMI California. “It is clear that the promise and potential of California’s Mental Health Services Act goes far beyond traditional measures of success. Stories of overcoming individual hardships and achieving personal accomplishments are the true result of the effectiveness of MHSA funding.”

Services from MHSA-funded programs go to help children, youth, transitional age youth (ages 16-25), adults, older adults, veterans and their family members. MHSA funding provides county-level flexibility to choose where to use the funding and how it can best serve the needs of the county’s individual populations.

The value of mental health programs cannot be understated:

Funding innovative and critically needed programs is the hallmark of MHSA.

“But MHSA funding is not and should not be the sole funding source for mental health,” said Cruz. “California’s mental health programs are successful because we combine this funding with other streams, creating a comprehensive and robust system that reaches the full spectrum of our counties’ needs – from prevention and early intervention to those needing supportive housing.”

Many programs are developed with an individualized approach to ensure people with all types of mental illnesses receive care. By county, the report names and describes each MHSA program, those populations served by the programs, and the names and contact information of county MHSA coordinators.

MHSA-funded programs help support wellness centers, crisis intervention teams, community college pathways, early childhood counseling, parenting skills, and treatment for depression, suicide prevention, and transitional programs for people who are homeless. The Report is available at ().

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, California (NAMI California) is the largest membership organization comprised of families and individuals affected by serious mental illness in the state. As a non-profit grassroots organization, it advocates for lives of quality and respect, without discrimination and stigma, and provides leadership in advocacy, legislation, policy development, education, and support throughout California.