mHealth Market in the US at a Glance

mHealth Market in the US at a Glance

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Mobile health (mHealth) refers to the use of mobile communications technology and devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wireless monitors, etc.) to provide healthcare solutions, whether this is for prevention, diagnosis, treatment or medical follow-up. mHealth includes solutions aiming to enhance access to healthcare or health-related information, improve distribution of routine and emergency health services and provide diagnostic services. These solutions are not exclusively used for medical practice, but also for non-medical practice.

mHealth solutions include numerous technological solutions, focusing mainly on the measurement of vital signs and health parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose level, brain activities and body temperature. Examples of mHealth products encompass sensors and mobile devices, but also mobile applications (apps) that directly or indirectly encourage individuals to maintain and / or improve their healthy behaviors, quality of life and wellbeing. These “lifestyle and wellbeing” apps can be used as a stand-alone solution, or connect to devices and sensors, for instance, wristbands or smartwatches.

mHealth is an emerging and rapidly developing field which has the potential to disrupt healthcare systems, either by delivering incremental innovations that improve existing practices, or by bringing fundamental changes that modify the way healthcare services are supplied. Mobile devices and mobile apps collect a considerable amount of information (medical, physiological, lifestyle, daily activity and environmental data), which can now be used for evidence-driven care practice and research activities, benefiting every player in the healthcare system.

Patients can manage their health more actively, living more independent lives in their own home environment, as they can access their health information anywhere and at any time; healthcare professionals can provide more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment and medication. Hospitals can be more efficient and reduce costs thanks to a better management of their resources.

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA exhibitors focusing on mHealth include: ABnote, Austria Card, CETECOM, FIME, FEIG Electronic, Llauffer pressen, Morpho, NagraID (with Oberthur Technologies), SMARTRAC, and Trusted Labs.

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