Medivizor Makes its Health Information Service Available to the Public

Helping People with Serious or Chronic Illness Become More Knowledgeable about Their Unique Condition and Treatment Options, and Better Able to Collaborate with Their Doctor

Medivizor Makes its Health Information Service Available to the Public

After being accessible to a select group of users by invitation-only, Medivizor™, the innovative health information platform, is now available to the general public (in public beta) with expanded support for medical conditions including lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer, as well as melanoma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension and stroke.

Individuals coping with a serious illness, as well as their families, are often confused about the nature of their illness and its treatment. Those interested in learning more about the diagnosis, prognosis and recommended treatment turn to websites (e.g., “Dr. Google”) to find the answers. While the web contains a vast amount of information, this information is, unfortunately, too general, too technical, sometimes outdated or misleading, and more often than not irrelevant for the particular condition of the patient.

Medivizor is a free subscription service to patients and caregivers. Users of Medivizor receive via email, in a comprehensive and easy to understand language, updated and relevant information about cutting-edge research, treatment options, guidelines, clinical trials, and more, related to their specific condition. This information is personalized and tailor-made to the particulars of the case and the patient. Medivizor’s patent-pending technology and team of medical specialists glean and process published material, including recent research results and scientific news. Users receive content that’s suitable for the layman and shareable with their communities and healthcare provider. Compared to the generic, and overwhelming number of results from keyword searches on the web, Medivizor saves time and effort.

Medivizor’s service further helps improve doctor-patient communication by educating patients about the available treatments and their relative desirability in an easy to understand format.

The service also assists treating doctors (and their patients) by alerting them to the most recent research findings and clinical trials that are relevant to their patient. This is accomplished through Medivizor’s unique, personalized system for matching individuals with specific clinical trials available worldwide.

Currently, the new public service applies to more than a quarter of the 133 million Americans with serious or chronic illnesses. In the months to come, Medivizor will add additional illnesses to its coverage, eventually supporting all that cope with one or more chronic conditions to help them, their caregivers, and medical teams.

During its closed beta (“early access”) phase, Medivizor gained the recognition and appreciation of health-related bloggers and thought leaders who praise the new service it brings to the market.

Recently, leading cancer related organizations, including the and , have partnered with Medivizor to promote its personalized content platform. “Promoting a product or service is not something we normally do, but we thought this service was too cool not tell our community about,” said the Colon Cancer Coalition in a public call to its members and followers. Medivizor is in the process of collaborating with other patient organizations as it expands its reach and coverage of additional illnesses.

offers a patent-pending, personalized health information platform for individuals with serious or chronic illnesses. Users of Medivizor are benefiting from custom content, cutting-edge research, clear and authoritative descriptions of treatment options, individual-matched clinical trials, social engagement, and much more. Professor Steven Kaplan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, and Chief of the Institute of Bladder and Prostate Health at Weill Cornell Medical College and co-founder of MediData Solutions (NASDAQ: MDSL), Dr. Oren Fuerst, Executive Chairman, a medtech entrepreneur and investor and Tal Givoly, CEO, former Chief Scientist of Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) founded Medivizor.

Medivizor is at the forefront of the consumer digital health and empowered / engaged patient movement. Several health and medical blogs such as , , have covered Medivizor through its development phase. Medivizor recently presented at , , and in New York.