MediMobile Launches SafeTextMD, a Secure Messaging Solution for Healthcare Professionals

MediMobile Launches SafeTextMD, a Secure Messaging Solution for Healthcare Professionals

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MediMobile, the leading provider of mobile charge capture for physicians, today released SafeTextMD, a free secure messaging app, on the App Store and Google Play. SafeTextMD is a free secure text and photo messaging service for healthcare professionals designed to be used by care providers, administrators, support staff and medical billers. SafeTextMD is a cross-platform solution which can be used on both Apple and Android devices as well as through a web portal.

SafeTextMD is intended to address a serious problem in healthcare: the unsecured texting of electronic protected health information, or ePHI. Not only does this put patient data at risk, but it can lead to costly fines, sometimes upwards of $10,000, for violating the HIPAA regulations concerning protected health information. Despite this, many healthcare providers in their medical practices because it is quick and unobtrusive.

That’s where SafeTextMD steps into the equation. MediMobile’s secure messaging app provides a free, HIPAA-compliant solution that puts the entire healthcare team in conversation with one another. Visit SafeTextMD’s website, , to learn more about the solution’s features and sign up. You can also download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Current MediMobile users will have the secure messaging tool integrated into their existing Charge Capture app. They will be able to communicate with SafeTextMD users as well, meaning the new app will streamline communication for MediMobile Charge Capture users.

MediMobile has been developing mobile applications for healthcare providers since 2003, well before smart devices arrived on the market. Since the iPhone appeared in 2008, MediMobile has carefully adapted to this market and worked with physicians and specialists to create a smart and safe mobile app with a provider’s needs in mind.

MediMobile is the leading provider of mobile charge capture solutions. The company focuses on point-of-care billing and patient management systems which reduce costs, streamline processes and offer providers more time for patient care.

MediMobile uses an ASP model to deliver solutions which allows clients to subscribe to MediMobile for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Additionally, MediMobile’s unique design ensures secure data and full HIPPA compliance without the costly security solutions used by most other mHealth companies.

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