Medical isotope shortage averted as Chalk River goes back online; CT data, 3D printing used to make copies of dinosaur fossils;

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> Ontario's Chalk River nuclear reactor was back up and running this past week after an unplanned shut down created concerns of a possible medical isotope shortage, The Canadian Press reported. The Chalk River shutdown occurred at a time when two of the world's three other major isotope producers also were out of operation. Article

> German researchers were able to use CT data and 3-D printing to make a carbon copy of a dinosaur vertebra, reported. The researcher's ability to create a 3-D model of a dinosaur fossil still encased in sediment provide for a non-destructive option of studying such fossils in the future. Article

> Cardiovascular technologists and MR imaging technicians are ranked among the 50 fastest growing occupations in the U.S., according to Economic Modeling Specialists International. Both careers are expected to post 11 percent increases through 2017, and are considered to be high-wage jobs, according to Cardiovascular Business. Article

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> At a Nov. 19 hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, four technology experts--including two university representatives--all testified that they thought was not a secure website. What's more, three of the four experts said they thought that the site should be shut down until it is secure. Article

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> The competition to recruit physicians is fierce, but a new survey from The Medicus Firm offers insight into physicians' wish lists for an ideal place to work. Notably, the staffing company's survey of more than 2,500 doctors found that signing bonuses, once considered "icing on the cake" of most recruitment packages, are now an expectation. The firm reported that 85.27 percent of its searches that resulted in an offer last year involved a signing bonus. The average amount was $24,037, but the highest bonus was $150,000. Article

And Finally... Burrito "bombs." Article

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