MEDfx, Community Health Alliance unveil state health info exchange

Thanks to a collaboration announced today by MEDfx Corporation and the Virginia-based Community Health Alliance, the Commonwealth is set to launch a health information exchange that will allow providers throughout the state to share information.

MEDfx, which previously helped to enable military and civilian medical professionals in accessing medical records under the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Records (VLER) initiative, will help to provide the IT infrastructure for the HIE, known as ConnectVirginia.

Direct Messaging will launch for the HIE this Friday, Feb. 17, allowing for a "one-way 'push' of clinical information," according to the announcement.

Meanwhile, officials in New Jersey announced last week that that 70 providers throughout the state were set to receive nearly $40 million for the adoption of electronic health records, reported. Colleen Woods, who heads the state's Office of Health Information Technology, said she hopes that by the year's end New Jersey will be the first state exchanging clinical information officially on a statewide basis.

In other HIE news, Heritage Valley Health System, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, recently developed an iPad app in conjunction with health technology company dbMotion that "harmonizes data captured and stored in disparate health information technologies" into continuity of care documents (CCD). The app will be available to all hospitals within the ClinicalConnect HIE, maded up of eight community health systems and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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