Mayo Clinic Introduces New Book, "Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care"

<0> Mayo Clinic Introduces New Book, "Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care" </0>

Mayo Clinic

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The today introduced “,”a new book aimed at helping health care professionals join consumers in employing social media tools to promote health, fight disease and improve health care.

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The announcement came this morning during the opening keynote of the 4th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit at Mayo Clinic, produced by .

Mayo Clinic has been a pioneer in applying “new media” in health care, beginning with podcasting in 2005 and then moving into other social media platforms -- such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs -- to make its physicians’ expertise available broadly and to enable patients to share their stories.

Building on that leadership, Mayo Clinic created its Center for Social Media in 2010. In the foreword to “Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care,” Mayo Clinic President and CEO , explains the rationale for both the center and the book. “As stewards of the Mayo Clinic legacy and early adopters of modern social networking tools, we see an opportunity and feel a responsibility to help the broader health care system harness social tools safely and effectively,” he says.

“Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care” features essays by 30 industry thought leaders, making the case for social media in health care and offering inspiration and encouragement to both newcomers and experienced users of social media. Contributors are members of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Mayo’s .

“When it comes to changing health care, we must crowd-source the change we want to see in the world,” says (@FarrisTimimi), the center’s medical director. “Social media allows that to happen, and this book is a guide to doing so.”

“‘Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care’ simultaneously encapsulates our experience at Mayo Clinic and offers a broader call to action for the future,” says (@LeeAase), the center’s director. “We hope to inspire our peers to apply these tools to work more effectively on behalf of -- and with -- patients.”

The book includes a section on legal issues in health care social media by (@danielg280), Mayo Clinic legal counsel, and a checklist to help readers develop their social media strategies.

Price: $9.95 paperback. Available at Mayo Clinic ().

Net proceeds from book sales fund scholarships for patients to attend events sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

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The Social Media Health Network, a service of MCCSM, provides access to tools, resources and guidance for organizations and individuals wanting to apply social media in health and health care. For more information, visit .

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