Maryland hospital joins Delaware HIE; Researchers create program for pinpointing vertebra;

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> Union Hospital in Elkton, Maryland, can now deliver medical information across state lines to Delaware through Delaware's Health Information Network (DHIN). Union is the second hospital in Maryland to join with Delaware's HIE. "The seamless communication achieved through partnerships like these is key to improving care and reducing healthcare costs," said Jan Lee, DHIN CEO, in an announcement. "Patients who do not receive timely post-treatment care are at an increased risk of a return visit to the hospital sooner rather than later." Announcement

> Researchers at Johns Hopkins have created a software program that allows surgeons to pinpoint a vertebra with 100 percent accuracy, according to a News-Medical post. The program prevents operations being performed on the incorrect vertebra by using a desktop computer that has a graphic processing unit to align a 3-D CT image with a 2-D X-ray taken during surgery. Article

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> As the healthcare landscape evolves, so too does the way medical schools prepare doctors for the realities and challenges ahead--even if the specifics are unknown. The University of Michigan Medical School is one of many schools around the country that has phased out the model used for the past century to make way for greater emphasis on skills such as teamwork and communication, according to an article from Kaiser Health News. Article

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> Medicaid saw a big increase in prescription drug use last year, especially in states that expanded the program under the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, private insurers experienced a drop in prescription meds and their members also visited doctors less often, according to a new report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Article

> As more insurers offer plans with narrow networks, consumers are increasingly willing to give up a broader selection of providers to save money on their healthcare costs. This year, almost 50 percent of all plans offered on health insurance exchanges have narrow networks, and almost 20 percent are considered "ultra-narrow networks," which give consumers even fewer doctor and hospital choices. Meanwhile, more employers are choosing narrow network plans, according to a report from the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform. Article

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