Marriott rolls out Web-based PHR to employees

Hotel operator Marriott has rolled out a Web-based PHR to 50,000 employees across the U.S. Marriott is doing the rollout after conducting a small pilot test with the PHR system, developed by ActiveHealth Management. To participate, patients fill out a Web-based health risk assessment, answering such question as whether they smoke, as well as other basic medical information. ActiveHealth, which is owned by Aetna, then combines patient data with medical and pharmacy claims data and lab results, comparing patient data with its repository of evidence-based clinical rules.

In addition to a data bank, the PHR includes a clinical rules engine that's designed to help providers avoid medical mistakes. When the system uncovers potential mistakes--or gaps in care--it alerts doctors by phone, fax or letter, recommending an alternative course of action, as well as letting the patient know what's going on.

To learn more about this PHR rollout:
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