LifeNexus Research Confirms That Physicians Overwhelmingly Value the iChip® Personal Health Record

<0> LifeNexus Research Confirms That Physicians Overwhelmingly Value the iChip Personal Health Record </0>

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LifeNexus, the creator of the iChip®, announced today the results of an in-depth research study that was conducted to gather physicians’ feedback on the iChip Personal Health Record (PHR).

With iChip, consumers can give their physicians and other health care providers safe and secure access to their personal health information and reminders of health care needs at the time of care. This exchange of longitudinal health information equips the provider with meaningful and actionable information to be used during the healthcare visit. Information is delivered via a record that can be viewed, printed or exported to the provider’s EMR system. The research study was designed to gather physicians’ feedback on the usefulness and value of the iChip PHR.

“The results were overwhelmingly positive,” said David Strand, CEO. “Physicians clearly indicated that they would use the iChip PHR and found significant value in it.” Among the key findings, physicians indicated that the iChip PHR would:

Another primary benefit of the iChip record is the messaging of care reminders at point of care. “Today when potential care gaps exist, the traditional method of outreach is to separately notify the consumer and their physician via methods such as direct mail, email, faxes, or phones calls. The problem with this approach is that the information is not necessarily presented in the right way, at the right time, and the right place to be effective,” said Ian Worden, CIO. “With iChip, we pull forward the care reminders as part of the record and present them to the patient and provider at a time when they are already addressing care needs.” Physicians agreed, with 82% indicating that recommended care reminders delivered at the point of care are more valuable than receiving this information when the patient is not present.

The research study also surveyed office administrators on the value of the record and the data it includes, such as confirmation of insurance coverage and eligibility at time of care. Both office administrators and physicians agreed that immediate access to the iChip record would significantly reduce the amount of patient information collected manually at check-in. They indicated that the use of the iChip PHR would reduce the amount of staff time required to check in the patient and that this fast and easy check in would increase patient satisfaction.

“In the past year, we have surveyed over 5,000 consumers who have validated the appeal of the iChip product as a convenient health management tool. Now, we have clear, objective evidence that physicians also see value in the product and will use the iChip record to enhance the care they deliver to their patients,” said Mr. Strand.

About LifeNexus, Inc.

LifeNexus, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company, is the creator of the iChip®, a patented technology that makes health care more convenient for consumers by giving them and their health care providers safe, secure access to the consumer’s personal health information and reminders of their health needs, at a time that is meaningful and actionable, via either mobile phone or insurance card.

iChip® is a registered trademark of LifeNexus


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