Liaison Healthcare Launches Healthcare Information as a Service to Provide Health Systems with Real-time Access to Data and Processes

New cloud-based solution suite enables providers to facilitate data integration across multiple systems and achieve first steps for creating an accurate and complete patient profile

Liaison Healthcare Launches Healthcare Information as a Service to Provide Health Systems with Real-time Access to Data and Processes

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, a global provider of secure cloud-based and services and solutions, announced today the launch of its solutions suite. The new suite will include data management solutions for information systems that will be incorporated by health systems to facilitate data exchange across the continuum of care as they move toward creating accurate and complete patient profiles.

With the rise in mergers and acquisitions across the industry and the expanding development of integrated delivery networks (IDNs), accountable care organizations (ACOs) and ; Liaison Healthcare identified a need for cloud-based information as a service among health systems. By transitioning their data integration and management to the cloud, these providers benefit from real-time access and are positioned to handle the influx of information they will receive in an efficient manner.

The Liaison Healthcare Information as a Service suite is comprised of a range of solutions that address challenges surrounding methods for identifying and verifying patient and provider information, storing patient documents and images and managing standardized terminologies. By implementing the solutions, are able to:

“As healthcare delivery continues to evolve, organizations will need to be able to integrate and manage the data associated with an increased amount of patients,” said Gary Palgon, vice president, healthcare solutions, Liaison Healthcare. “These cloud-based information services strengthen the technology in place so that providers can not only maintain the data, but also leverage it for reporting and analytics to improve long-term patient care.”

To learn more about Liaison’s healthcare solutions, visit . To download a copy of our Healthcare Information as a Service product datasheet, visit: .

Liaison Healthcare is a global integration, data harmonization and data management company, serving more than 600 customers in the healthcare industry. With customized solutions offered via a cloud-based platform, Liaison helps , , and companies quickly secure from a wide variety of health information. Through connecting healthcare entities and harmonizing complex and disparate data, Liaison assists in the improvement of the care coordination process, leading to increased overall efficiency and faster time-to-market. Headquartered in Atlanta, Liaison has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit or call 770-442-4900.

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