KLAS report examines medical device integration systems; HL7 offers guidelines for blood banks;

> A new KLAS report examines the impact medical device integration systems (MDIS) have for providers. According to the feedback of 74 providers, MDIS technology increases quality and efficiency by improving physiological monitoring accuracy through automated documentation, gives providers more time to spend caring for patients and enables doctors to more easily view trends via patient data, healthsystemCIO.com reported. Article

> A recent article in Medill Reports: Chicago via Northwestern University puts a spotlight on the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Specifically, the UIC "Human Augmentics" class will focus on the future of rehabilitation and monitoring of health habits. Article

> Health Level Seven International published an implementation guide to extend the HL7 standard into blood banking, the global authority recently announced. Announcement (.pdf)

And Finally... I'm glad things were resolved peacefully. Article