KishHealth System Selects PerfectServe Clinician-to-Clinician Communications Platform

Leading Quality-Centric Health System Implements PerfectServe for Improved Care Coordination, Efficiency and Physician and Patient Satisfaction

KishHealth System Selects PerfectServe Clinician-to-Clinician Communications Platform

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As part of its strategic initiative to increase quality and patient-centric care, has chosen to implement the clinical communications platform across two of its facilities in northern Illinois. Slated to go live in June, PerfectServe will enable Kishwaukee and Valley West Community Hospitals to eliminate costly and time-consuming bottlenecks and delays and increase direct communications among physicians and nurses to improve patient care.

KishHealth began attacking its clinician-to-clinician communication challenge three years ago when hospital leadership adopted a LEAN methodology. In an analysis of its discharge process, KishHealth identified the opportunity to reduce delays caused by communication challenges among clinicians around each patient’s episode of care.

“Specialists often need to consult with primary care physicians and vice versa, but in today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s not always easy for clinicians to reach each other in a timely manner – and it was clear the process we had in place wasn’t working,” said Dr. Michael Kulisz, chief medical officer, KishHealth. “We saw an immediate need to address the communications issue, not only from a hospital efficiency and clinician satisfaction standpoint, but also as a key strategy for improving overall care quality.”

After a review by the health system’s quality cabinet, consisting of a range of multi-specialty clinicians, KishHealth identified PerfectServe as the only system that would standardize its communications processes while allowing clinicians to set preferences for how they want to be reached. Unlike paging systems, call centers and answering services, PerfectServe ensures the of all voice, web-based text and page messages to the right physician or nurse based on practice workflow rules, call schedules and individual clinician-defined contact preferences.

“While other vendors claim to offer a solution to different parts of the process – texting, phone or paging – PerfectServe has enabled us to take a strategic, holistic approach to all our clinical communications,” said Heath Bell, CEO, KishHealth System. “PerfectServe will play a key role in our ability to maintain high physician and patient satisfaction rates, deliver timely, quality care, and, as our network of care continues to expand, ultimately position KishHealth for success around future population health initiatives.”

Key benefits of the PerfectServe platform for KishHealth included:

“The current state of clinician-to-clinician communications is a cumbersome and costly issue for many health systems, and one that is often overlooked – but KishHealth has recognized the significant impact it has on a range of patient safety and satisfaction initiatives across its system,” said . “By empowering clinicians to more easily connect around any patient’s course of treatment, PerfectServe will support KishHealth’s ongoing success in delivering high quality care.”

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PerfectServe enables health systems to improve collaboration, reduce risk and increase patient and clinician satisfaction as they move toward new models of care by helping them overcome common, recurring and costly barriers to clinician-to-clinician communication. With deep technical and clinical expertise, PerfectServe evolves health care communications, providing the process improvements to ensure the right information safely and securely reaches the right clinician at the right time in the way they should be reached – both within and outside the walls of the hospital. For more than 12 years, PerfectServe has been connecting clinicians to empower them to improve key quality and efficiency metrics and better coordinate care across the expanding health care continuum.


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