IQMax Announces General Availability of IQCommunicate® Product Suite for Efficient Healthcare Communications

Novant Health to be first to deploy IQMax’s HIPAA compliant texting, clinical messaging and collaboration capabilities on smartphone and tablet devices

IQMax Announces General Availability of IQCommunicate® Product Suite for Efficient Healthcare Communications

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, a leader in intelligent healthcare communications, today announced the launch of , a complete suite of products specifically designed for healthcare professionals to securely communicate and collaborate in real-time for better care coordination. The IQCommunicate solution allows clinicians to manage all forms of communications – text messages, critical alerts, assigned tasks, and voice – on any smartphone or tablet device, whether on rounds, in the office, or on-call.

As communication technology evolves, bridging the gap between secure HIPAA-compliant communications and access to clinical information proves more challenging. By providing real-time collaboration and reducing call-backs, page responses and other time intensive activities for providers, IQCommunicate provides efficient two-way communications that streamline interactions among staff and clinicians for better outcomes. IQCommunicate works through a rich user experience that incorporates meaningful clinical information, and eliminates HIPAA security risks by not storing patient health information (PHI) on smartphones or tablets. Features include:

“As an organization driven by a patient-centered vision, we wanted a way to improve communication across facilities that would help achieve better care coordination for our patients,” said Dave Garrett, chief information officer for Novant Health, the first customer implementing IQCommunicate. “IQCommunicate allows for real-time collaboration on any device. Our providers can take control of both routine and urgent communications wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing, on schedule or on-call. This real-time capability means better communication among care providers, which results in safer and more efficient focus on our patients.”

Novant Health is a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare system that includes 13 hospitals; a medical group consisting of 1,141 physicians in 349 clinic locations; numerous outpatient surgery centers, medical plazas, rehabilitation programs, diagnostic imaging centers; and community health outreach programs in communities across North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.

“IQCommunicate solves the closed-loop communication problems and can eliminate the security concern with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) because it works on any smartphone device,” said , founder of IQMax. “By providing an efficient communication solution with escalation paths for critical alerts and tasks, both in and out of the application, we can help healthcare facilities like Novant Health provide their staff with secure, real-time communications decision support so they can focus on improved patient care.”

IQMax, a privately held corporation since 1999, develops intelligent healthcare communication solutions that enable healthcare providers to be more efficient in their daily workflow and to make more informed patient care decisions through efficient two-way communications with care team members and access to meaningful clinical information. The company’s solution also allows physicians to view patient schedules, dictate patient encounters, and capture billable charges. The IQMax solution has been deployed across numerous health facilities including specialty clinics, surgery centers, large hospital and IDNs. Learn more at .


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