International agencies collaborate for radiation safety; Study: PET-CT Scans more accurate than whole-MRI to determine response to myeloma treatment;


> The International Atomic Energy Agency and the Pan American Health Organization have signed an agreement to cooperate more closely on issues related to medical radiation, as well as other areas related to radiation safety. Areas of cooperation covered under the agreement include quality assurance in radiation medicine, Medical physics; Radiological safety, security, and emergencies. Announcement

> The unincorporated U.S. Territory of Guam has introduced legislation requiring doctors to inform women after they've had a mammogram whether they have dense breasts. Legislation introduced on the Western Pacific island also would require doctors to recommend follow-up screenings with digital radiography. California recently became the fifth state to pass a breast density notification law, while another dozen states have introduced legislation. Article

> Several industry groups have endorsed the publication of the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association's XR 26 control standard. "Access Controls for Computed Tomography: Identification, Interlocks, and Logs" requires CT software features that ensure that only an authorized operator can alter the controls of the CT equipment. The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, and Image Wisely all applauded publication of the new standard, according to MITA. Announcement

> A recent German study suggests that PET-CT scans are more accurate than whole-MRI in determining how well multiple myeloma patients respond to stem cell transplantation. The investigators determined that both modalities provided useful information about patient status, but that MRI is less reliable in detecting bone lesions that persist after treatment. Article

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