Integra ServiceConnect Achieves HITRUST Certification for Protecting Member Information and Privacy

Becomes first service coordination organization in the nation to complete HITRUST Common Security Framework certification

Integra ®, LLC

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®, a community-based, non-clinical services healthcare company, has achieved the Common Security Framework (CSF) certification to help ensure that sensitive member health information is protected against potential data breaches. This accomplishment distinguishes Integra as the to achieve HITRUST CSF certification.

The HITRUST CSF was established to help promote information security as a core pillar in the broad adoption of health information systems and exchanges, and to help healthcare organizations streamline the implementation and effectiveness of security controls throughout their daily practices. The security framework encompasses the United States’ healthcare industry’s many privacy and security standards, regulations and requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, ISO, PCI, CFTC, OBIT and state laws.

“We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards in safeguarding sensitive member healthcare information through this certification,” said Michael Yuhas, President and CEO of Integra . “We elected to undergo the rigorous process required to obtain HITRUST certification so our healthcare clients and the members they serve can be assured that any healthcare information shared with us is treated with the highest degree of respect and confidentiality.”

Integra works with and other payers to find, engage and connect members with healthcare and other support services in their own communities. Using a community health worker service model, Integra often works with who have multiple medical and behavioral health needs compounded by socioeconomic challenges that create barriers to accessing needed services. By electing to go beyond core compliance requirements and meet the highest industry standards, Integra joins the ranks of some of the nation’s top healthcare organizations in their commitment to protecting member information while coordinating access to the care they need. To obtain the certification, Integra worked with leading management and technology consulting firm .

“Integra’s willingness to undergo the rigorous HITRUST CSF process underscores their commitment to safeguarding sensitive healthcare information,” said James Koenig, a Principal in and leader of Booz Allen commercial privacy practice and co-leader of its incident response practice. “Booz Allen understands the new cyber security risks and challenges facing the healthcare industry as it moves toward new models of integrated delivery and it was great working with Integra on their goal of achieving such a high industry standard for healthcare security and cyber security.”

To learn more about Integra’s HITRUST certification, attend the upcoming Health Tech Research Advisory Council (HTRAC), orvisit the blog or .

Integra ® is a healthcare services company specializing in community-based non-clinical support for individuals with healthcare and related social service needs around the country. Based in Owings Mills, Md., Integra’s services are designed to help the country’s top health plans, health systems and government organizations find, engage and connect underserved members to care that can preserve and improve their health. Integra has been providing community-based services for individuals with complex healthcare needs for more than two decades, and operates under the mission of “.”