Innovatix Network Launches the InnovatixCares ACO Provider Network

Innovatix Network Launches the InnovatixCares ACO Provider Network

Travis FroehlichAVP, Corporate CommunicationsGNYHA Ventures(212) 554-7256

Innovatix Network, LLC, is proud to announce the launch of its new accountable care organization (ACO) provider network, InnovatixCares. With the momentous and complex changes in healthcare delivery, InnovatixCares will offer services to facilitate ease of management for provider organizations in matters of outcomes assessment, healthcare delivery, and billing.

“InnovatixCares will position our non-acute care membership to successfully participate in ACOs that may be emerging within their communities, and as a result, better serve their patient populations,” said John Sganga, President and CEO of Innovatix. “For entities that are looking to create or expand their ACO models, InnovatixCares can be utilized completely or as an à-la-carte turnkey solution to ally with segments of nearly 30,000 non-acute care providers.” ACOs interested in working with the InnovatixCares network will have access to an exceptional number of skilled nursing facilities, long-term care pharmacy providers, home infusion and specialty pharmacy providers, oncology providers, and more.

Through InnovatixCares, we will assist non-acute care providers with virtually all administrative aspects of joining an ACO, including credentialing. “We offer the expertise, experience, and contacts to make InnovatixCares a comprehensive and differentiated offering in the marketplace uniquely suited to the future of healthcare,” said Sganga.

To learn more or to join InnovatixCares, please contact the Innovatix Network (toll-free) at (888) 258-3273.

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