Info on 315,000 Emory Healthcare patients missing; New firewall could protect wireless medical devices from hackers;

> Ten computer discs containing both personal and health information for roughly 315,000 patients have been missing from three facilities within the family of Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare since mid-February, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The records contain approximately 228,000 Social Security numbers. Article

> As Twitter use in healthcare continues to grow, professionals continue to use the platform for hosting robust discussions--aka, tweet chats--about the industry. MedCity News highlights five must-attend chats. Article

> A new prototype firewall--MedMon--created by researchers from Princeton and Purdue universities, has the potential to protect wireless medical devices from hackers, according to a recent iHealthBeat post. Devices at risk for hacking, according to the post, include insulin delivery systems, pacemakers and "smart prosthetics." Post

And Finally... That's one tough duck. Article

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