The impact of evolutionary computing on healthcare

Evolutionary computing is beginning to have an impact on healthcare, one that will only grow, according to Robert J. Szczerba, CEO of X Tech Ventures, writing at Forbes.

He says that evolutionary computing is "taking inspiration from nature to incorporate biological processes into the software."  

David Fogel, M.D., president of Natural Selection Inc., spoke to Szczerba about the changes evolutionary computing is having on healthcare.

Some of the changes include:

  • Helping doctors find the right drug for a patient at the right time using data and personal information
  • Creating tailored medical treatments through computer analysis of what works and what doesn't work
  • Using machine learning for stem cell research to lead to beneficial stem cell therapies
  • Tracking how a virus will impact a patient's health over time'

"In many ways, improving outcomes in healthcare may not require new or revolutionary approaches," Szczerba writes. "It may just require a more informed look at the way Mother Nature has already been working for billions of years." Article