IBM, U of Fla. develop remote monitoring middleware

Working with the University of Florida, IBM Corp. has developed middleware designed to help smooth the process of remotely monitoring patients. The new technology allows IT managers to reconfigure standard devices like blood-pressure and glucose monitors so they'll automatically send readings to clinicians.
The two partners have been working together for just over a year on the project, which combines middleware software with sensor hardware from University of Florida spinoff Pervasa Inc. To foster adoption of the new software, IBM has contributed components of the project to the Open Healthcare Framework of open-source development tools Eclipse Foundation community.

Assuming the technology has legs, the partners expect to see "smart devices" available to consumers within one to two years. To activate the devices, consumers would only have to dial a 1-800 number and make sure that their medical data was going to their specific provider.

To find out more about the project:
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