How to keep your patients engaged via Facebook

A Facebook presence is much more than simply having a page for your hospital. People will usually become a fan of your page because they are aware of your brand or because they see a friend "liked" your page. But once they've liked you, how do you keep them coming back?

Being on Facebook is not just about how many "likes" you can build up. If you're not listening to those folks and interacting with them, then it's pointless to even have a page. On top of that, if you're not giving them a reason to continue paying attention to your page, then you're going to lose them. It's very easy to "unlike" a page.

So what are the secrets to keeping your fans, and keeping them engaged? Of course there's no scientific method, but in general, it's all about the content. Yes, it's been said many times that "content is king." And it's true. Read the full Hospital Impact post

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