How continuous patient monitoring can increase hospital revenue

Continuous patient monitoring (CPM) will be a "critical component" of smart hospitals, and can help improve workflow and increase revenue, according to Charlie Whelan, director of Frost & Sullivan.

Whelan spoke during an event in the District of Columbia on Monday, touting a report from Frost & Sullivan sponsored by EarlySense that focuses on patient monitoring's growing impact on the healthcare industry.

For the report, Whelan said, Frost & Sullivan created a hypothetical hospital and used data from real-world hospitals to examine the revenue outcomes of CPM. Researchers found that such tools--from wearables and sensors to analytics and clinical decision-support devices--can decrease length of stay and free up bed space, help hospitals meet goals of value-based payment programs and help ID patients who have life-threatening conditions.

All of those outcomes can help hospitals provide better care, increase bed occupancy rates and grow revenue, Whelan said. Report (Registration required)