Hospitals: Embrace the social side of customer service

There are some companies who just do it right when it comes to social media. One of those companies is Zappos, and it certainly hasn't gone unnoticed. So many stories and blog posts have been written about its social media efforts, from sticking to its core values to handling a crisis in the public eye.

So what can a hospital learn from Zappos' masterful use of social media as a branding tool? The biggest lesson is to stay true to our brand. If you're a hospital, your business is healthcare. Your social media efforts should focus on that. That doesn't mean you can't have a personality, though. Be kind, be personable and leave the corporate speak for the C-suite.

For almost all of us, our mission statement has something to do with improving health. I'm going to bet that excellent patient care is part of your mission as well. What better way to improve customer service than personal connections through social media? Read the full Hospital Impact post