Hospital CEO looks to tech to fight obesity

By George N. Miller, Jr.

Obesity now costs more in healthcare spending than smoking. The stark reality is that the trending focus on preventive medicine is a meaningful start at curbing the skyrocketing costs and could curtail the out of control spending. Hospital CEOs like me are faced with the candid reality that this trend cannot continue.

I believe, as with other chronic and acute diseases, screening at the early stage and appropriate interventional care planning could make a significant impact in the lives of individuals in our community and positively affect our bottom line.

If we could tackle the "granddaddy" of all chronic diseases, what would be the impact? How many lives would be changed? ... At Okmulgee (Okla.) Memorial Hospital, we have chosen to partner with an innovate obesity management technology company to help us implement a screening and management service as it relates to the treatment of obesity. Read the full Hospital Impact post

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