Holon Showcases CollaborNet™ in Georgia Tech’s I3L

Ignite It Group for Holon SolutionsShelly Kulesza, 469-450-6584

Holon Solutions™, an innovator in healthcare information exchange, announced today their interoperability solution, CollaborNet™, will be installed in Georgia Tech’s Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab (I3L).

The I3L is a collaborative member organization that provides conformance standards testing, interoperability evaluation, and commercialization assistance to their members bringing new healthcare technologies to market. They support their members by helping them reduce cycle time and cost from idea to market. The I3L is designed to move the health information technology (HIT) industry to the “future state” required to facilitate patient-centered, economically feasible, improved quality healthcare for the benefit of personal and public health.

Holon was eager to participate in the I3L knowing that its leadership understands that clinical information exchange is a critical component in achieving the “future state” environment. With Holon’s CollaborNet solution, sustainable healthcare exchange delivery models are being built incrementally from the physician-level up.

CollaborNet efficiently enables physician offices to share a patient’s information with other care providers like hospitals, specialists, and home health nurses — anyone caring for that patient. In turn, CollaborNet facilitates information exchange back from those providers to the physician. Holon’s CollaborNet not only meets I3L’s patient-centered focus, but is also economically feasible as the information exchange within the care team is accomplished using existing systems and processes.

“The healthcare industry is faced with great complexity when it comes to seamlessly exchanging information among patient care teams,” said Steve Rushing, director of [email protected], a health care innovation initiative at Georgia Tech. “We are pleased that there are solutions that address these complex exchanges in a way that makes it easy for physicians to participate.”

“We are excited about CollaborNet being a part of the I3L,” Mike McGuire, chief executive officer of Holon Solutions, said. McGuire added that, “many interoperability solutions to this point have been too costly and cumbersome for most physicians to adopt. Holon’s ‘bottom up’ philosophy now makes the physicians’ information sharing with other care team members a real possibility.”

CollaborNet is scheduled to install Version 1 of the software in fall, 2012.

The I3L () is a standards-based facility located at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The lab will test and evaluate cutting-edge health IT (HIT) software innovations originating from industry, researchers, faculty and students, inventors and other sources. The I3L is funded in part by the federal government’s Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge, a tri-agency competition initiated to support the advancement of 20 high-growth, regional industry clusters. The overarching goal is to achieve higher-quality, lower-cost and more patient-centric health care throughout Georgia.

Holon Solutions () believes that a patient’s experience is improved when their care team can seamlessly collaborate on their care. They understand that information in the right hands, at the right time and place, is key to providing that care. Holon’s focus is on facilitating a collaborative care environment by providing knowledge transfer within the points of care and access to information by anyone on the care team without having to change their current systems or processes.


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