HL7 forms Clinical Quality Information Work Group; NASA scientists conduct medical experiments;

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> Health Level Seven International (HL7) this week announced the forming of the Clinical Quality Information Work Group, which plans to provide education and leadership to providers, developing standards for all involved in quality measurement efforts. "We are pleased to launch the Clinical Quality Information Work Group, which will provide an organizational infrastructure to collaborate, educate and foster greater communication and coordination with external quality, healthcare delivery and management, professional and government stakeholder organizations, as well as across HL7's work groups," Charles Jaffe, MD, CEO of HL7,said in a statement. Announcement

> National Aeronautics and Space Administration commanders are conducting out-of-this-world medical experiments aboard the International Space Station this week. Their work includes ultrasound scans and heart and eye research, and the results they provide could bring solutions to Earth-dwellers and space adventurers alike. Article

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> Only weeks after the fiscal cliff deal, the American Hospital Association released data that hospitals are a major contributor to a healthy economy. As the second largest source of private sector jobs, U.S. hospitals employ nearly 5.5 million people. Considering the "ripple effect," hospitals support a total 15.4 million direct and indirect jobs--one in nine jobs, AHA said. Article

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> While the patient privacy, breach notification and other provisions of HIPAA's final omnibus rule, unveiled last week, have received a lot of attention, a number of important provisions that directly affect electronic health records and related health information technology have received little fanfare. Article

And Finally... Being the President doesn't keep bugs from flying directly between your eyes, like everybody else. Article


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