HIMSS teams with BioDistrict New Orleans on health IT workforce initiatives; Researchers developing brain-wave powered robot;

> The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and BioDistrict New Orleans, a state enabled economic development district in Louisiana, will collaborate to advance workforce health IT initiatives over the next decade, the entities announced this week. HIMSS and BioDistrict will provide career development resources through white papers, webinars and other online tools to aspiring health IT professionals Announcement

> Researchers at Tsukuba, Japan-based joint robotics laboratory CNRS-AIST are working on developing a robot that can be controlled by human brain waves DigInfoTV reports. Researchers from both Japan and France are working on the project, which they say could open many doors for paraplegic patients. "For instance," they said, "a paraplegic patient in Rome would be able to pilot a humanoid robot for sightseeing in Japan." Article

> By 2015, everyone in the U.K. must have online access to their health records, according to a two-year list of priorities issued to the National Health Service by the Department of Health, Government Health IT reports. By 2017, the mandate calls for mobile healthcare options to be available for all patients with long-term conditions. Article

And Finally… I wonder if he'll try to pay his bail using all those Lincolns. Article


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