HHS looks for unintended consequences of EMR stimulus

We love this headline from Government Health IT: "HHS takes Hippocratic oath on health IT stimulus." 

"First, do no harm" is the mantra of a new group HHS is forming to identify and prevent any "potentially harmful unintended consequences" of the federal EMR stimulus plan."While we expect for these programs to help achieve the many desirable outcomes envisioned by Congress, a sense of responsibility for activities we support, historical experience, as well as mounting evidence of unexpected problems, demand that we consider potential downsides," HHS says in a presolicitation notice, in which the department announces its intention to award a contract to set up the panel.

HHS doesn't specify the types of unintended consequences it anticipates, though it says some side effects actually could have a positive impact toward the goals of making healthcare more efficient and effective.

Responses to the notice are due Feb. 26.

To learn more:
- have a look at this Government Health IT story
- read the HHS presolicitation notice

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