Health system forms collaborative to push medical innovation; New device allows people to control computers with their eyes;

> Charlotte, N.C.-based Carolinas HealthCare System is teaming up with product design and development group Edison Nation--also based in Charlotte--to form a collaborative for providers to submit ideas on medical innovations and technologies. According to an announcement last week, development ideas will come from innovation searches hosted by the newly formed group--dubbed Edison Nation Medical--and searches sponsored by corporations in search of specific products. Announcement

> The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the University of California-Davis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Santa Clara, Calif.-based Agilent Technologies are joining forces to form a public database that will house genetic codes for roughly 100,000 types of foodborne illness-causing bacteria, according to a post in iHealthBeat. The goal of the project--dubbed the 100K Genome Project--is to speed the time it takes to respond to outbreaks originating from foodborne bacteria to a matter of days. Post

> A new device that enables people to interact with computers simply by moving their eyes holds promise for those suffering from paralysis, or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's, a Medical News Today article reports. The device--made up of two video game console cameras and a pair of glasses--uses one watt of power and can transmit data over Wi-Fi or via USB into a Windows or Linux computer. Article

And Finally… And every year, the mouse tax just keeps going up and up. Article


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