Is health IT adoption slowing?

Despite pressure from a broad range of health industry stakeholders, the pace of health IT investment-including EMR adoption-may be slowing down for a bit, according to some industry observers. Industry leaders are "exhausted," and "[running] out of adrenaline," says Scott Wallace, president and chief executive officer of the National Alliance for Health IT.  Efforts are stumbling, in part, because IT execs don't have enough successes to look at as models, Scott and others suggest. As a result, IT administrators are still being forced to come up with their own answers to basic implementation questions, slowing the adoption process considerably.  However, the pace is likely to pick up again by late 2008, the point at which observers expect to see new federal health IT legislation take effect. Not only that, as standards-development efforts mature, health IT execs will have more concrete options, they note.

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