Health informatics job field is growing; HHS announces 'code-a-palooza';

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> Health informatics jobs are growing, according to a new report from Burning Glass Technologies. Since 2007, job postings for the field have increased 10 times faster than healthcare jobs overall. Burning Glass paired with the Education Advisory board to examine this market. Article

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> On Monday, at the fourth annual Health Datapalooza conference, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services announced that it is co-sponsoring a national competition--called "code-a-palooza"--to design an innovative app or tool using Medicare data that primary care providers can use to help manage patient care. Article

> Palo Alto, Calif.-based digital platform provider HealthTap has unveiled a new service to help consumers more easily navigate the plethora of health apps that are currently available, according to a company announcement. Called AppRx, the offering is designed to leverage the company's network of more than 40,000 physicians who will review and recommend the best health apps on the market. Article

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> With baby boomers retiring, a leadership gap is widening at hospitals. The problem is exacerbated because many hospitals lack adequate programs to identify and train new leaders, Hospitals & Health Networks Daily reported. "One of the things we're finding is so many of the leadership positions in healthcare are filled by baby boomers," Jim Diegel, president and CEO of St. Charles Health System in Oregon told H&HN Daily. "And we are starting to exit at a pretty rapid rate." Article

And Finally... Guess the price wasn't right, after all. Article

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