Health India TPA Goes Live with Adminovate’s forwardPAS Following Six Month Implementation

Health India TPA Goes Live with Adminovate’s PAS Following Six Month Implementation

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., a privately-held enterprise software and consulting provider for the global life, health and annuity industries, announced today that Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd. (Health India), a Third Party Administrator (TPA) focused on offering innovative healthcare services and customer benefit solutions to individuals, corporations and groups, is now in production with Adminovate’s .

Heath India credits Adminovate’s proprietary graphical modeling tool, Graphite GTC™, as a key enabler for rapid product development and the successful six-month implementation effort. The small, but effective joint project team was made up of three Adminovate resources and four from Health India.

With the Adminovate system now in production, Health India has the advantage of a modern core insurance system combined with powerful product development tools. Future plans include Health India’s use of PAS as its strategic modern solution for healthcare claims administration and consumer portal support for all carrier clients.

Benefits that Health India is already experiencing with the live PAS environment include:

Kamaljeet Gupta, Managing Director of Health India, commented, “In mid-2012 we made a conscious decision to replace our aging claims TPA platform and find a new system with ultimate flexibility and a company with a track record of successful delivery. We were familiar with the Adminovate team and were convinced that the PAS solution was the only offering available in the market that would give us exactly what we were looking for.”

Gupta added, “At the time, our Adminovate decision was a combination of trust in the Adminovate staff and confidence in the underlying technology. They promised we would be in production in six months, and in fact, they came in ahead of schedule by days – days may not seem like much, but when you’re working with an aggressive timeline, days have a great significance. We believed at the beginning, and still believe, that Adminovate is far ahead of the competition. The proof is in the results we are experiencing.”

Chris Doggett, CEO of Adminovate commented, “Given that the project was in Mumbai while Adminovate is located in Philadelphia, distance, time zones, and the complex processing requirements involved in supporting claims for multiple carriers added a great level of complexity to the effort. Our small, but highly skilled and focused joint team really established a strong partnership with everyone involved. We were able to deliver a production environment in six months.”

Doggett continued, “We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Health India team to expand the use of the system, and ultimately, to completely replace the previous IT infrastructure.”

Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2002 with the mission to provide top quality TPA services to clients. Health India provides benefits to insureds by quick cashless hospitalization and reimbursed mediclaim settlements. Health India’s vision is to deliver the highest level of quality healthcare by creating a platform which is entirely dedicated to service excellence, patient care and health education to its members.

Adminovate, Inc., based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a privately-held enterprise software and services company focused on the global life, health and annuity industry. Adminovate is comprised of an experienced management and technology team with a history of success implementing core insurance systems.

Adminovate’s PAS is a highly scalable, fully flexible end-to-end policy administration solution that supports all life, health and annuity products. Built from the ground up using the most modern technology, PAS gives insurers a competitive advantage by enabling rapid model driven product development and unmatched speed to market. Implementations are simplified and upgrades are seamless. PAS is available as a traditional license, a hosted solution, or a SaaS delivery method. Implementations are simplified, upgrades are seamless. To learn more, please contact Adminovate at .