Groups promote personal health records; A fishy use for CT scanners;

> A group of healthcare organizations, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the American Health Information Management Association and the American Cancer Society are publishing two brochures to explain and promote personal health records to consumers and clinicians. "Your Personal Health Record" and "A Clinician Guide to a Personal Health Record" will be available online at, CMIO reports. Brief

> Researchers at the University of Rhode Island are using CT scanners to research the skull structure and sensory systems of fish, the school announced this week. According to marine biologist Jacqueline Webb, such systems are perfect for learning about the internal structures of all sorts of animals. "It's as good as holding a perfect skeleton in your hand, but the resolution is so high that we can see minute features of bone structure that have not been appreciated before," Webb said. Announcement

> MRI technology has been used to reveal abnormalities in the eyes and brains of astronauts who spent more than 100 days in space, according to an article in Article

And Finally... Gorillas seem to have a knack for escaping from the zoo. Article

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