Greenway and Epic EHR Interoperability Helps Mothers and Newborns Receive Higher-Quality, Safer Care

Greenway and Epic EHR Interoperability Helps Mothers and Newborns Receive Higher-Quality, Safer Care

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Greenway Medical Technologies and Epic Systems have achieved interoperability between their solutions to improve care coordination for the thousands of patients two of their customers in Lancaster, PA treat in common. The electronic health record (EHR) systems of both companies are exchanging industry-standard Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) between a large OB/GYN practice and the local hospital-based health system, securely sharing vital information to better coordinate care in their community of health.

This interoperability is the result of a successful “data liquidity” project initiated at the request of Greenway customer Doctors May·Grant Associates, the leading OB/GYN practice in Lancaster, PA, and Epic customer Lancaster General Health’s Women’s & Babies Hospital. The new data-sharing capability, which can be quickly replicated in other settings, delivers significantly more-effective care coordination for over 2,500 patients of Doctors May·Grant whose babies are delivered at Lancaster General Health (LG Health) each year.

“We wanted caregivers to have the most accurate, up-to-date information for every patient, whether they were in the office or the hospital,” said Mona S. Engle, RN, May·Grant practice administrator. “We’re fortunate that our EHR providers, Greenway and Epic, see interoperability as an appropriate way to work together to ultimately enhance patient care.”

Greenway has long led in interoperability, championing the importance of a medical practice implementing the EHR that best suits its unique needs, and a community hospital or health system implementing the EHR that best suits unique needs, without causing a disconnect in patient care coordination.

The architecture of Greenway’s PrimeSUITE® simplifies the exchange of data with dissimilar EHR systems, with a bidirectional, hub-based exchange that supports all industry standards. The main development task in the project for May·Grant and LG Health was for Epic to create a connection to PrimeSUITE to enable the data flow. With that connection now in place, the Greenway and Epic systems freely exchange CCDs, an industry standard created to promote sharing of such commonly needed patient information as allergies, medications with dosages, problem lists and past health status.

“I love Greenway for the office, and Epic is very powerful for hospital documentation,” said May·Grant’s Terri L. Rapp, MD. “Now that the two systems can exchange CCDs, we’re getting a good combined snapshot of the patient record.”

Michael Ripchinski, MD, LG Health chief medical information officer, sees it as a leap forward in quality, with interoperability delivering information where and when it’s needed in a highly usable form. “We’re moving from convenience now to really improving care for patients.”

“Electronification of health data continues to evolve, and by no means are we close to being at the end game,” said Greenway® President and Chief Executive Officer Tee Green. “Moving to convenient and cost-effective cloud-based service delivery, and cooperatively focusing on connecting practices and hospitals as Greenway and Epic have done in Lancaster, is a major step toward population health and the care coordination that consumers and payers are increasingly demanding.”

Extending data liquidity across the Greenway and Epic systems has delivered a wealth of benefits to May·Grant and LG Health, including:

Dr. Ripchinski agreed. “Greenway has been very progressive in working to achieve the goal of interoperable patient records. We’re very fortunate that Epic and Greenway are so willing to collaborate toward this standard.”

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