Georgia guidelines require in-person visit before telemedicine consultation; Eye implant could improve glaucoma monitoring;

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> New guidelines approved by the Georgia Composite Medical Board will require that, in most cases, patients have an in-person visit before care is given through telemedicine. The only circumstances where in-person visit is not required include if the electronic care is at the request of a physician, physician assistant or registered nurse licensed in Georgia who has seen and examined the patient, or if care is being provided at the request of a public health professional, such as a school nurse. Guidelines (.pdf)

> A tiny eye implant developed by researchers at Stanford University could change how glaucoma is monitored and controlled, the school has announced. The device allows patients to take eye pressure readings at home, which would also allow for daily or hourly measurements that could help doctors create better treatment plans. Announcement

> In recent years, the use of robot-assisted prostate removal surgery to treat prostate cancer has become widespread in the U.S., according to a study by BJU International. The study also found that while the robot-assisted surgeries are more expensive than traditional surgeries, costs are decreasing. Announcement

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> An Office of Inspector General investigation found no evidence that veteran deaths at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital were the direct result of care delays. Article

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> Health plans participating in health insurance exchanges that fail to set up a "rigorous" regulatory compliance strategy set themselves up for potential financial losses, operational disruptions and aggressive federal enforcement action, says a new issue brief by Deloitte. Article

And Finally... Forget the dollhouse, how about a hamster mansion Article