Genetics Policy Institute and univerCELLmarket to co-publish 360 – the Free Newsletter Covering Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Genetics Policy InstituteBernard Siegel, 305-801-4928Executive Director

The (GPI) and announced a joint initiative to produce the most comprehensive and timely online news aggregation and distribution service, providing actionable intelligence for the stem cell and regenerative medicine communities.

Expanding the current newsletter published online by , the newsletter will be now co-published and distributed with GPI. Bernard Siegel, GPI’s founder and executive director, joins Dr. Beverley Vaughan as the co-editor of the publication. GPI and maintain free subscription links on their respective web sites.

Bernard Siegel said, “It is the aim of GPI to provide the highest quality information to all interested in stem cells and regenerative medicine. We are delighted to partner with . Their comprehensive news aggregation service enables users to efficiently research its archived news and records. With this partnership, interested stakeholders who are part of both GPI’s and ’s extensive databases, honed over the past decade, will have easy access to news they can use to advance our field.”

Dr. Cathy Prescott, respected thought-leader in the business of stem cells and regenerative medicine, and co-founder of said, “As a result of partnering with GPI, 360 is now the most widely circulated news service in the world dedicated to this field. With this partnership, our combined contacts, which span academia, industry, government, law, ethics, medicine and advocacy will receive the news highlights in their in-box every Monday, with links to all the weeks’ news on”.

Jeanette Walker, co-founder of stated, “360 is popular because it is so comprehensive and in a format that makes it quick and easy to scan. We are delighted to welcome Bernard Siegel to our editorial team as he is a recognized architect of the global stem cell community. Bernie founded GPI, the annual , the peer-reviewed and is an acknowledged leader of the patient advocacy community”.

is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation with the mission to promote and defend stem cell research and its application in medicine to develop therapeutics and cures for many otherwise intractable diseases and disorders. GPI pursues this mission through production of its flagship annual World Stem Cell Summit, publication of the , special projects, speaking engagements, teaching initiatives and strategic collaborations.

ABOUT univerCELLmarket

Launched in 2010, is an online, global source of relevant, up-to-date information for everyone interested in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Users can rapidly search 10 directories for a wide range of information including stem cell tools, reagents, banks and therapies as well as manufacturers, professional services, academic centres, networks and societies – all searchable by country/State - plus the latest news and upcoming events.


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