GE Healthcare launches new vendor neutral archiving solution; Hospital loses unencrypted ultrasound tapes;

> GE Healthcare has launched its new vendor neutral archiving solution, Centricity Clinical Archive. The system's centerpiece is a multi-site, multi-disciplinary clinical content repository that can be accessed through an electronic health record and the web through a zero-viewpoint viewer, according to EHR Intelligence. Built upon industry standards, the repository allows for the real-time access to, and management of, unstructured data, including images. Article

> The Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, R.I. has begun notifying patients that it has lost backup tapes of ultrasound studies and other patient information, Health Imaging reports. The unencrypted tapes contain studies dating back as far as 1993, and include patients' names, dates of birth, exam dates, doctors' names and, in some cases, Social Security numbers. Article

> The health minister of the Canadian province of Alberta has announced that following a series of mistakes in pathology and diagnostic imaging tests in Calgary, Edmonton and Drumhelier, steps are being taken to implement an action plan to ensure that these medical tests are accurate, CBC News reports. The inaccurate testing involved 325 patients, none of whom were seriously harmed, according to provincial authorizes. Article

And Finally... Too bad he didn't apply that ambition to just getting a job. Article



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