Gamification breaks down complicated benefits information

One payer says it's figured out how to break down complicated benefit information by using videos, quizzes and games on a new platform called Healthcare University.

The idea is to "make benefits education easy and impactful, to teach consumers how their benefits work and how to make value-based healthcare decisions," Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota said in an announcement.

The insurer first tested the program on its own employees with a goal of getting 20 percent to sign up. Registration rates exceeded expectations at 90 percent, the company said. It also released a white paper on the pilot.  

Other payer and provider organizations, including Blue Shield of California, have turned to online and mobile gaming to boost member and patient engagement. "Programs that use social media and gamification are particularly appealing," Bryce Williams, who directs a similar engagement program for Blue Shield, tells FierceHealthPayer in an interview for the Fierce eBook, Consumer Engagement in the Post-Reform Era.

Cleveland Clinic has also incorporated gamification into its patient engagement and wellness efforts, as Chief Wellness Officer Michael Roizen described in an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare last year.

To Learn More:
- here's the Blue Cross announcement
- download the white paper
- check out the FierceHealthPayer eBook on consumer engagement

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