Fitbit launches corporate wellness program


Fitbit is debuting a new program, Fitbit Group Health, to provide services for wellness partners, payers, researchers and weight management professionals.

Group Health is a strategic alignment of the company’s population health channels, according to an announcement released last week at the Fitbit Captivate Summit.

“The launch of Fitbit Group Health is a natural evolution for us, given our success in the corporate wellness category. It positions the company to integrate more deeply into the population health space,” Woody Scal, Fitbit chief business officer, said in the announcement.


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The news reflects Fitbit’s intentions to drive deeper into the corporate wellness space as providers and payers are increasingly interested in offering such services.

As FierceMobileHealthcare reported in late 2015, Barclays is providing Fitbit devices to 75,000 employees through a cost-sharing plan before expanding that to its 140,000 global employees.

The wearables giant also is striving to keep ahead of Apple in the wearables space, as Apple held the lead in terms of making the most money in wearables last year, according to a 1010data report.

Fitbits have been adopted for wellness programs by 70 companies in the Fortune 500, the announcement said. One is retailer Target, which has deployed Fitbit devices and services to 340,000 employees.

In addition, the company is debuting a Wellness Insighter platform, aimed at providing corporate wellness divisions with data insight for validating investments and evaluating programs.

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