EXTENSION Expands Management Team to Guide Rapid Growth

Healthcare IT Veterans Strengthen Sales, Product Management, and Marketing

EXTENSION Expands Management Team to Guide Rapid Growth

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 today announced it has strengthened its management team with two recent additions that bring more than 40 years of combined experience to the company. Closely following news that the company achieved year-over-year growth for the first quarter of 2013, Brian McAlpine and Johnathan Salyer add strategic expertise that will help manage the rising demand for EXTENSION solutions.

“Brian McAlpine and Johnathan Salyer are trailblazers in the industry,” said Todd Plesko, Chief Executive Officer at EXTENSION, INC. “They are well-respected professionals whose combined knowledge and experience add tremendous value to our management team.”

Brian McAlpine has spent 22 years in the medical device and healthcare IT market with a specific focus on the clinical workflow and integration between devices and enterprise IT systems. While under his direction as Director of Marketing and Product Management at Emergin, the company built and validated the market for clinical alarm management, and during his tenure sales for the company tripled. He also held senior positions at Siemens Medical, Draeger Medical, and Hewlett-Packard’s Medical Products Group, which later became Philips Healthcare. Brian’s successes paved the way for his most recent role as Capsule’s Director of Strategic Products where he launched their new point of care platform, which contributed to the company success and market leadership in medical device connectivity.

As VP of Product Management and Marketing, Brian will draw on his depth of experience to bridge together the two key departments responsible for driving EXTENSION solutions and branding in the marketplace.

“I’ve been integrating medical devices with enterprise IT systems for most of my career, and EXTENSION sets the bar high in terms of results,” said McAlpine. “I joined the company because their offering is uniquely suited to facilitate the type of care collaboration that is needed in the market, and which first generation platforms lack.”

Johnathan Salyer has also spent more than 20 years in healthcare IT primarily focusing on systems integration, medical device interfacing, and clinical process improvement. As the second Capsule employee in the US, Johnathan managed its initial period of growth in his role as VP of Sales and Business Development where he helped drive successful EMR reseller partnerships. More recently, he made significant contributions to the period of explosive growth in his role as Regional VP of Sales.

In his role as Director of Strategic Accounts with EXTENSION, Johnathan will focus on strengthening partnerships with existing EHR vendors to elevate EXTENSION’s one-of-a-kind, 2 generation platform to the preferred choice for managing hospital alarms, critical events, and clinical communications.

Echoing the sentiments of McAlpine, Salyer added, “EXTENSION brings together the varied events and contextual information occurring in a hospital and manages them by applying rules that filter through the noise to elevate what matters most to clinicians. enables caregivers to collaborate in a conversational way by taking advantage of context and situational awareness, which significantly improves the quality of communications.”

EXTENSION® offers solutions that facilitate instant communication between patients and clinicians. Our solutions enhance common communication (wireless phones, smartphones, and communication badges) used as clinical workflow tools by aggregating data from various and delivering time-critical alerts to the devices. By establishing repeatable and reliable processes with EXTENSION's workflow software, healthcare systems improve patient safety, patient and staff satisfaction, and efficiency.


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