Ex-ONC head Farzad Mostashari announces Get My Health Data initiatives

All the health industry needs is a pull on the rope that is keeping patients from being able to have full access to their health data, former National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari said during Health Datapalooza this week. The launch of the effort, Get My Health Data, will occur in about four weeks on "Data Independence Day," he said.

"We believe that right now is the moment when patient demand for their records will be the 'unknotter' of the problem that we have--of the lack of access for patients to take their data and do what they want with it," he said at the annual conference in the District of Columbia.

Those looking to get involved in the initiative can do it in one of three ways, said Christine Bechtel, vice president of National Partnership for Women & Families:

  • Be a tracer: Request your health information and collaborate with those running the initiative on the challenges you experienced
  • Be a helper: Create check lists and how-to guides based on the information reported by the tracers
  • Sign the petition: Support the initiative by putting your name on the petition at getmyhealthdata.org

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