Health IT Now Executive Director Joel White writes that interstate prescription data sharing is "like using a walkie-talkie and an iPhone."

Lucia Savage details her struggles to get a copy of her medical records and says her experience shows how federal laws don't always work as written.

A VA source tells FCW that Cerner's contract is valued at $10 billion, while court documents indicate the agency plans to sign the deal this month.

Months after Missouri’s governor signed an executive order to establish a prescription drug monitoring program, the state hasn’t made any progress.

The number of hospitals adopting and reporting electronic clinical quality measures is rising, The Joint Commission says. The key: engaging doctors.

The average health IT professional's salary dropped 20% in 2017, in part because established EHRs no longer require high-priced consultants.

Doctors working at VA facilities have gained an hour and a half per week to spend with patients rather than shuffling through email.

A new bill calls on the VA to submit quarterly and annual reports on its implementation of a new EHR system.