EHR adoption by outpatient facilities ‘nearly universal’

The vast majority of outpatient facilities are using electronic health records, according to a new report released by HIMSS Analytics.

The organization’s eighth annual outpatient practice management and EHR essentials brief surveyed 436 physicians, other clinicians and administrators in outpatient settings from June 23 to July 12 of this year. The hospital-owned outpatient market has near universal adoption of EHRs, with 92 percent reporting a live and operational system, up from 54.5 percent in 2010. Additionally, nearly 78 percent of those representing a free-standing outpatient facility are using an EHR, up from just 29 percent in 2010.  

However, the report notes that despite such high EHR use, only 15 percent of respondents indicated that they were looking to replace their current systems. Those surveyed said that they planned to stick with the existing system they worked so hard to implement and use.

“I am somewhat surprised a more robust replacement market has not yet developed for practice management and electronic health solutions,” HIMSS Analytics Director of Research Brendan FitzGerald said in a statement. “But given the cost and implementation effort of these practices over the last eight years, and the need to keep up with industry standards and additional regulations, practices seem content with their current solutions and will look to leverage these solutions to meet industry standards and regulations."

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