Editor's Corner

I'm not entirely sure what a "cascade of liability" means, but it certainly doesn't sound good. If you are curious about how that cascade is going to drive RFID usage in healthcare, check out the article "'Cascade of liability' to Drive Pharma RFID Absorption" at In-PharmaTechnologist.com. RFID is one of those healthcare issues that tends to force people into one camp or the other. There isn't much middle ground on this one at the moment. "The biggest obstacle to the spread of RFID is not the cost of its tags but the cost of the infrastructure it requires, making it unattractive for distributors who usually have tiny profit margins, yet manufacturers are slowly changing this by making non-adoption a liability issue," noted John Jordon, Tagsys's president of US operations. The full story is here.

And while this article focuses on the financial issues, check out the Spotlight below for some other aspects, good and bad, of RFID usage in healthcare. - Michael