digiChart Partners With Dialog Health to Bring Mobile Engagement to OB-GYN Practices and Patients

digiChart Partners With Dialog Health to Bring Mobile Engagement to OB-GYN Practices and Patients

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Two Nashville health information technology companies have teamed up to improve communication between OB-GYN practices and their patients by way of mobile engagement programs, including text-based appointment reminders. , a provider of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system (PMS) solutions for OB-GYN practices, will integrate the mobile engagement module with the digiChart solution. PracticeSmart is an EHR-PMS solution engineered specifically for the OB-GYN office that optimizes practice workflow clinically, financially and administratively.

“At digiChart, we constantly seek ways to not only improve workflow within the OB-GYN practice, but also enhance the patient experience. Our new partnership with Dialog Health achieves both goals,” said .

“Using the latest in mobile technology, Dialog Health’s program, when integrated with PracticeSmart, helps our customers to improve efficiency, free up staff time, increase revenue, boost patient satisfaction via easy, convenient engagement, and drive greater adherence and compliance. Dialog Health is a dynamic, innovative company, and our customers and their patients will benefit significantly from this partnership,” explained Mr. Suiter.

After receiving text reminders, patients can reply to the messages to help them prepare for upcoming appointments and procedures. Among the other benefits noted, the two-way text message program improves cancellation rates and on-time starts for medical practices.

, said, “As a 14-year leader in the OB-GYN space, digiChart is known for delivering efficient, proven technology to its clients, and the result of this new partnership is no exception. The Dialog Health program enables two-way communication of vital information to and from a mobile phone, the device people carry with them everywhere. Best of all, information arrives exactly when it is needed, wherever the patient or caregiver may be.”

The ubiquity and convenience of the mobile phone has forever changed consumers’ expectations regarding communication. There are more mobile phones in the United States than there are people, and 6.1 billion mobile phones worldwide, according to The GSM Association.

digiChart provides electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system (PMS) solutions, along with related training, implementation and workflow improvement services. For more than 14 years, OB-GYN practices across the country have used digiChart’s solutions to streamline and optimize their practices clinically, financially and administratively, as well as to achieve higher rates of patient satisfaction. Every day, 100,000+ active pregnancies and nearly 2 million women’s records are managed through digiChart’s solutions. Online:

Dialog Health was formed by a group of knowledgeable professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds, including healthcare, advertising and information technology. The company believes that the ubiquity and convenience of the mobile phone makes it an ideal tool for improving the way patients and healthcare providers relate and communicate. The company builds mobile health engagement platforms to support people who opt-in. Simple and cost-effective, Dialog Health’s solutions are high-frequency-touch tools that enable vital information to be pushed to and pulled from patients and caregivers. Online:


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